24K Gold Facial Mask Experience with The Sugar Spa

Before leaving for New York Fashion Week I had the opportunity to give my face some much needed nourishment, and rejuvenation. The lead up to fashion week was an intense few weeks of working long hours and prepping for my trip, which left my skin looking lackluster, sleep-deprived, and not its usual youthful self.

So when I was contacted by The Sugar Spa to receive their 24K Gold Facial Mask, I was beyond stoked! I swear I heard the dark circles under my eyes squeal out of fear of their future demise. 

The Sugar Spa interior 2.jpg

Why the 24K Gold Facial Mask Really Works:

What's great about the 24K gold facial is it's a proven treatment for adding radiance to skin, while tightening and firming, and energizing and hydrating the skin to restore its youthful glow. Not only that, it's scientifically proven formula reduces stress related lines and wrinkles.

Seriously. So much wow!


My Experience:

Apart from looking extremely hilarious while wearing the facial mask, my personal experience at The Sugar Spa was AWESOME. 

What makes The Sugar Spa different than other spa experiences is that you are guided through the process by a trained technician, but ultimately the facial mask treatment you apply yourself.

As soon as the cool mask was carefully placed on my face I could feel the moisture starting to work its magic deeply into my skin. Then a LED Photo Facial Red Light treatment added to further soften, firm, and heal the delicate skin on my face.

During the 20 minutes of treatment I was completely relaxed and was able to just let myself fully be at ease, and enjoy the experience. How often do we get 20 minutes to just do absolutely nothing, and relish the time? Not often enough.

The week following my treatment I really could see a difference in my skin. It was brighter and fine lines were diminished; giving me all of the confidence going into New York Fashion Week.

It was definitely a great experience I recommend giving The Sugar Spa a go!


24K Gold Facial Courtesy of The Sugar Spa!

If you live in the San Diego area, check out their location in Chula Vista.

xoxo Elyse