Best of North Park (San Diego) with Yappee

Recently, I've partnered with Yappee, which is an awesome San Diego based start up that is redefining social reviewing of your favorite local spots. They asked me to create a profile and share my favorite shops, restaurants, bars, and more in San Diego. Since North Park is where I live and work, I decided to showcase some of my go-to places that you have to check out for yourself!

Here we go!

Best Coffee House - Caffe Calabria

Caffe Calabria_coffee cup.jpg

First introduced to the magical wonders of Caffe Calabria by a close friend several years ago, it has become my go-to coffee house staple. From the very first sip of the delectable Viennese, espresso paired with honey and a dash of cinnamon, I was hooked. Like hooked on phonics hooked.

Mornings and weekends can be quite busy, however there is plenty of seating inside and there is even a patio where you can sip on your proper cappuccino. As a favorite to many local Europeans, you know that it's truly an authentic Italian establishment.

Even better yet, after your morning brew, return to Calabria in the evening to indulge in their wood fired oven pizza. As a gluten free person, it's the only pizza that will make me cheat.

Address: 3933 30th St. San Diego

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Caffee Calabria_pizza.jpg
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Caffe Calabria_coffee roasting.jpg

Best Places to Shop:



Every time I step in to Pigment I feel like my feet lift off the ground and I just float around the store, admiring all the pretty little things. On my way out my feet return to Earth and back to reality with it. This other-worldly experience may just be my favorite part; getting lost among the home decor, paper goods, delicate succulents, books, and artisan jewelry.

I love that Pigment is committed to supplying organic, modern, homegrown, and local products. Particularly in a world where everything is mass produced with little thought or heart put in to it. You go Glen Coco! 

Bonus Tip: They also hold fun workshops where you can learn calligraphy, watercolor, or mixology skills. How great is that! 

Address: 3801 30th St. San Diego

Pigment_succulents .jpg
Pigment_cook book.jpg
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Mimi and Red_store 2.jpg

If you are a boho, festival attending type of girl then you will love Mimi & Red. They've got that perfect mix of funky pieces and staples. One of my favorite pair of sunglasses (see here) was purchased there, and for only 12 bucks!

They carry lines from RVCA, One Teaspoon, Lush, BB Dakota, and more. Whenever I stop by I always find so many items that I absolutely adore, making it difficult to choose what to buy. Not only that, the staff is really friendly and accommodating!

Address: 3041 University Ave. San Diego

Mimi and Red_clothes shopping.jpg
Mimi and Red_jewelry.jpg
Mimi and Red_clothes display.jpg
Mimi and Red_clothes display2.jpg
Mimi and Red_necklace.jpg

Wow Wow Waffle, a brunch spot so elusive, so shrouded in mystery, and oh so very scrumptious. Many a person would never even notice this local establishment positioned beside and behind a laundromat unless they heard about it from someone else, or had magically stumbled across it walking along 30th.

The menu is short and sweet. Only offering a small selection of savory and sweet waffles, freshly squeezed lemonade, and coffee. Who could resist a waffle accompanied with home-made cinnamon whipped cream, pecans, and caramel or bacon baked in brown sugar, avocado, and goat cheese? I'm drooling just thinking about it...

To see their hours (which are a bit scattered) be sure to check out their site. Trust me, you don't want to miss these waffles.

Address: 3519 30th St. San Diego

Best Bar - Polite Provisions

Image from Polite Provisions' Facebook Page

Image from Polite Provisions' Facebook Page

Known as the "manufacturers of local tonics, elixirs, and cures," Polite Provisions lives up to the hype and delivers a cocktail that will erase any bad day. Technically this bar is not located directly in North Park, however I'm still including it in my list because it's my favorite bar in town, and its my blog so I make the rules. ;)

Upon entering you're taken back to the Prohibition era, where wearing a waistcoat is the norm. The bartenders are superb mixologists who create the most amazing cocktails in town that are filled with overflowing flavor and style. My personal favorite is the Kentucky Buck, which is bourbon based with rich ginger tones. Don't forget to satisfy your hunger by getting a few orders to share from Soda & Swine, conveniently located next door.

Address: 4696 30th St. San Diego

Image from Polite Provisions' Facebook Page

Image from Polite Provisions' Facebook Page

More about Yappee!

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Often when I go through Yelp reviews it's hard to fully trust what the reviewer is saying because you don't know that person in real life. Maybe they are particularly picky when it comes to food or maybe they are too easily pleased when it comes to cocktails. This is what separates Yappee from the others. All reviews are written by your friends or others that you personally connect with, insuring that you can trust what that person has written about a business.

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Better yet, all of your reviews earn you something in return. Writing more reviews and connecting with others gets you access to discounts and deals at your favorite spots. And who doesn't love getting a discount?

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Here is my personal profile! It's a glimpse at what your profile will look like too. Located in your profile are all of your reviews, which your friends and other onlookers can see. Depending on what types of reviews you write, you can be a Fashionista, Foodie, Beauty Expert, etc. It's all about the places you love and why you love them! So go check out Yappee and start reviewing today!

Any other favorite local spots? Let me know in the comments below!

Don't forget to download Yappee so you can start sharing with your favorite local hotspots with your friends, and earn rewards for it!

xoxo Elyse