Current Obsession: Metallic Jackets

Two words: ZARA SALE. Their winter sale got me again, got me so good.

My shopping cart at one point overflowed with so many items, I questioned my sanity. Especially when I tried to rationalize and justify every single item. Thankfully practicality returned and I slowly whittled my list down to a few stunning pieces.

Namely, this rose-colored metallic jacket. Two words: currently obsessed. 

Metallics have made a come back (like most trends) in a major way. From bags, shoes, jackets, nail color, to even make up. This effervescent color choice is coming in loud and proud, and here to stay.

One of the easiest ways to dip your toes into such an in-your-face look is to apply it to one piece in your outfit. I typically go for the big WOW moment, thus the metallic jacket that you seriously can't ignore 🙃  

More interested in a demure approach? Find a great metallic bag or clutch, or even a cute block heel. Both simple ways to take on the trend without going crazy, like me!


What do you think about metallics? Is this a trend you'll be sporting or passing? Let's chat about it in the comments below!


Zara Metallic Jacket  |  Forever 21 Dress  |  Handmade Scarf  |  Doc Martens Boots  |  Quay Australia Sunglasses  |  Rebecca Minkoff Bag

xoxo Elyse

p.s. I'll be doing more of these "Current Obsession" posts where I highlight a piece of clothing, beauty product, or anything else I'm currently raving about. Stay tuned!