Desert Dweller

A number of weeks ago my friend and fellow blogger babe Diana, Queen Horsfall, came to visit me in San Diego!!

Before she arrived we dreamed up all of the photoshoots we wanted to orchestrate and collaborate on. Whenever we get together we are constantly shooting, and it's always a blast! We really wanted to get out to the desert, and I immediately knew the spot, Salvation Mountain

More to come from the photoshoot we did together on the actual Salvation Mountain art piece, and even a travel post about why you have to get yourself there! So much to come. :)


While Diana got her makeup done for our shoot, my friend and amazing photographer, Andrew Arceri and I ran off to take these shots in the desert wilderness, only a few steps away.

The landscape and my look felt like a scene out of Mad Max, and I loved channeling those vibes. I've always secretly wanted to be that hardcore bad ass chick, despite my nature to be on the sweeter side. One day!


When I picked up this little Zara cactus romper number I knew it had to be photographed in the desert, I mean where else would it be most appropriate?! The feminine and sexy back perfectly contrasts the harshness of the surrounding environment.

Part of what attracts me most to fashion is the ability to transform oneself or be able to embody a character. This look is so me, but at the same time I had to personify the attitude of a desert dwelling chick. And you know what, it was seriously fun! Nothing wrong with a little escapism to keep life interesting.

Stay tuned for more from our Salvation Mountain adventures!


Zara Romper  |  Doc Martens Boots  |  Forever 21 Hat & Choker  |  Rebecca Minkoff Bag  |  Brandy Melville Jacket

Photography by Andrew Arceri

xoxo Elyse