Golden Hour + 90s Inspired
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Happy Spring! The days are finally becoming longer, pockets of newly bloomed flowers are popping up everywhere, and dusk is at its prettiest. Shooting at golden hour this time of year is my absolute favorite. All the warm orange and yellow tones feel so inviting, like the sun's light is enveloping you in a hug, and you don't want to let go.

As you may have noticed, I've been digging the 90s trend.

  • Evidence A: choker necklace worn in a few posts
  • Evidence B: crop top and punk rock inspired details

While all the stores and online shops are practically screaming at you to buy all of the florals and pastels. I'm giving them a polite no thank you. I'm sticking to my winter dark colors, monochromatic aesthetic, and edgier vibes. My motto is to always do you!

What trends or colors are you most in to for spring?

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Brandy Melville Tank & Bag  |  Abercrombie & Fitch Jacket (similar Nasty Gal option & Asos option |  Pacsun Skirt  |  Forever 21 Boots (original Jeffrey Campbell version)  |  Jenny Bird Earrings c/o Rocksbox (use code faithinstylexoxo for 1 month free!)  |  Mimi & Red Choker

xoxo Elyse