Good Goes Around: Collab with Styles by Winnie

I'm utterly fascinated by the way communication has changed, and how connections are created. I vividly remember a time before cell phones, and even the internet! After hours and days of endless multi-screening I often want for those simpler times... 

As a kid I made friends by actually talking with people. Revolutionary I know. In 2017, we've turned my childhood of meeting friends on the playground to meeting through online communities. 

Namely, Instagram.

BDG jeans Modcloth Mules Faith in Style 2.jpg

Winnie, from Styles by Winnie, bravely reached out on IG and invited me to shoot with her! After perusing her work and chatting back and forth I was ecstatic to meet her. I thought, "yay more blogger friends!"

It reminded me how much I loved my blogger community I developed while living in Seoul, and how surrounding myself with women with similar passions and goals was such a strong motivator. I miss those days and strive to gain a community like that one again. 

BDG jeans Modcloth Mules Faith in Style 8.jpg

Shooting with Winnie was such an amazing experience! Beyond her mad photography skills, the girl has a heart of gold and the sweetest spirit. I instantly felt comfortable in front of her lens, which isn't always the case.

Hello, my name is awkward, nice to meet you.

No awkwardness made an appearance, but rather a surge of confidence and playfulness. All props go to my girl! Fellow bloggers you need to shoot with her!

BDG jeans Modcloth Mules Faith in Style 7.jpg

Whether pure coincidence or my subconscious working in mysterious ways, but I find it interesting I picked out this location for our photo shoot. The mural reads, "Good Goes Around." A timely message when you consider the world we're living in.

More than ever, "good" needs to be spread and in the simplest way when Winnie wanted to collaborate she spread some good, and I'm looking to pass it on. Life is more fulfilling when we work together and share the "good" within us all.


The Look:

My love affair with metallics continues, but instead of concentrated in one statement piece, I've spread it across a couple pieces. The mules I picked up from Modcloth are my new favorite shoes! Seriously, with every single outfit they make a statement and they're easily dressed up or down. I wasn't a believer in mules or slips until I got these... and now I want them all.

I've also grown attached to sprinkling in minimalistic looks into my outfit rotation. Beyond the ease of putting them together, I'm seeing the value in toning down and stripping away all the extra fluff.  

BDG jeans Modcloth Mules Faith in Style 10.jpg
BDG jeans Modcloth Mules Faith in Style 9.jpg
BDG jeans Modcloth Mules Faith in Style 6.jpg
BDG jeans Modcloth Mules Faith in Style 11.jpg

Forever 21 Sweater (similar option) & Hat |  BDG Jeans  |  Pacsun Top  |  Modcloth Mules & Necklace  |  Quay Australia Sunglasses  |  Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Photography: Styles by Winnie

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xoxo Elyse