Greetings From... A Brand New Faith in Style!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. Often I debate whether or not to be completely open and free in what I say, but I realized not everything needs to be so tightly held. Especially when things I write could be of help to someone else going through a similar experience. So thank you again for allowing me to be open!

In my last post I teased about new and exciting content that's making its way to this blog! Well the long wait (I know you were dying to know) is OVER.

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From now on Faith in Style will be centered around 5 core topics:

  1. Fashion (Outfits)
  2. Beauty
  3. Travel
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Opinion

FASHION: This will consist of my personal style, brand collaborations, trend spotting, outfit inspiration, fashion weeks & events, and much more.

BEAUTY: I've revolutionized my beauty routine in the last few years by making the switch to solely natural and organic products. I'll share my favorite products, why organic skin care & makeup is important, beauty trends, brand collaborations, and simple beauty how-tos. 

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TRAVEL: 2017 is gearing up to be a major travel year for me and I want to take you along on my journey. The locales currently in the mix? Spots in California, Washington, and numerous European destinations. Who knows where else I'll go! As an avid traveler since childhood, I've learned a thing or two from how to get the best deals to packing for extended stays.

LIFESTYLE: If you enjoy anecdotes about an awkward girl dating in self-indulgent California then you'll enjoy the new lifestyle section where things may get, a little personal. Beyond silly tales from my daily life I'll provide actionable advice on topics like organization, home decor, minimalism, DIY projects, etc. I have a feeling this section will be ever expanding!

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OPINION: All have been pretty self explanatory except for perhaps this last one. I'm a fan of the written word and I've been itching to have an excuse to write on a variety of topics that have been accumulating in the notes section of my phone. Am I a freak for missing college days filled with researching, explaining, and debating my viewpoints? Don't worry politics won't be involved. I think we got enough of that in 2016. Rather, topics will stay within the realm of fashion, lifestyle, and real girl issues. I must say I'm the most excited about the posts I've got queued up for this bit!

As this blog begins to morph and change for the better, I'd love your input! Let me know what you're loving, what's slaying, and what you're naying. The comment section below is available for you to do so or if you prefer a private communication then head over to Contact to send me an email.

Thanks friends!!

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