How to Achieve an Effortlessly Casual Cool Look

Ever have those days when you really wish it was socially acceptable to wear PJs in public? Ya, me too. I will forever love fashion and dressing up, but some days putting thought in to my outfit just feels like an insurmountable task. On those types of days I used to throw myself back on to my bed and wait for inspiration to hit or if I'm honest, I'd often put on what I was wearing the day before (gasp!).

Now however, I'd like to think I've mastered the art of effortless casual-cool; forever leaving behind those days of lamenting over "what to wear."

And guess what? You can do it too! Here are the steps to achieve that effortlessly casual cool girl look!

Step 1: Get on the athleisure bandwagon.

I'm officially a believer in this whole athleisure trend. From celebrities, runway all-stars to every day girls like you and me, this trend is a major hit. I mean really, who doesn't want to run around town in cute and cozy shorts that feel more like something you sleep or work out in? Take a peek at a jogger look I posted recently for more inspiration.

Step 2: Killer kicks does an outfit make.

Like how a great hairstyle frames your face, shoes do the same for a look. They anchor the entire vibe. These black leather Vans are what reinforce the chill vibes, plus they're just freaking bad ass. Pairing your athleisure with a more high-fashion sneaker removes the about to work out aesthetic. 

Step 3: Accessorize for the occasion. 

Never leave home without a few accessories to amp up the look. There's a "but" here! The key is to not over do the accessories, so none of that #armswag stuff circa 2013. Break out your favorite quirky sunglasses or go more traditional with aviators, and toss a backpack on like you're heading to Barre class. Honestly, it's that easy!   

Hope you found this three step guide helpful! Let me know in the comments below. :)

Have a wonderful day gorgeous!

Vans_casual outfit_Faith in Style 6.jpg
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xoxo Elyse