How to Boldly Show Off Your Style

As a kid I participated in the time-honored tradition of attending summer camp. I absolutely loved camp.

Everything I felt confident in happened at summer camp: sports, games, adventurous activities, and more. My ego centered around my athlete prowess was consistently stroked, and it supplied me with endless enjoyment knowing I could keep up with the boys.

My focus at the time was on play, and I could care less about what I wore. Essentially, I was an even more tomboy version of sporty spice. My clothes were for function, movement, and for rolling around in the dirt without a care. I never really even considered my appearance; it just didn’t matter.


Then one year in middle school it all changed.

I was placed into a particularly catty cabin, and found myself hanging with others outside this circle of girls. While walking back to my cabin I passed this cackle of girls, and one stopped me to ask, “Why are you dressed like a boy? If you’re going to dress like that we might as well give you a boy name.”

Mortified, I listened as they all began to crack up and unanimously agree with the girl. They then proceeded to call out different boy names to call me by through fits of laughter.


A fire I had never felt rose within myself; something told me to not accept this treatment. 

I retorted with pure confidence and assurance, “Go ahead, call me by a boy name. Here’s one for you to use.” I gave them a name (which I can’t remember) then walked away, leaving them with surprised looks and little satisfaction.

I learned an essential lesson that day, and didn’t even realize it until I was an adult. I discovered I shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement, and I have the right to be myself unapologetically. Better yet, I proved to those girls that I knew my value, and it didn’t reside in what they perceived of me and my appearance. 


So why do I even bring up this story?

Even as an adult, I’ve been transported back to that summer camp scene when I’ve received sideways glances or been explicitly interrogated about my outfit. I imagine this has happened to others as well!

It’s why I want to encourage you to not be afraid to make a statement, and even show you how to boldly show off your personal style!

Little acceptance is given to those who don’t fit the mold. Well I say, give the mold the middle finger, proudly be you, and forget about others’ opinions.


Go Forth Boldly

Infusing your personality with your style in a bold way is easier than you think! Whether it be through a stand-out bag, crazy moon boots, or even your entire outfit you can choose what you’d like to express.

Some might think my look in this post has too many colors, too many accessories, and just too much going on. I debunk such a thought! There's nothing wrong with wanting to express a colorful and joyful mood by letting it shine through an outward appearance.

Call it my “little ray of sunshine” look. 

Beyond feeling great in your style decisions, you’re also given a power, almost a secret power. It’s the power of knowing your worth, and the strength it provides to live authentically in a time of unrealistic standards and skewed values.

What will you do to be bold with your style? Share in the comments section below!


Zara Top  |  Asos Pants  |  Lucky Brand Hat  |  Zara Bag  |  Vintage Leather Jacket  |  Kyboe! Watch

Photography by Queen Horsfall

xoxo Elyse