How to Shop Your Closet: Story of a Green Sweater

Hello Thursday! Hope everyone's week has been absolutely amazing! I can't wait for tomorrow because I'll be heading back up to Big Bear for a weekend getaway with a group of friends. It's gonna be a blast!

On this Instagram picture I teased I'd be revealing my latest shopping trick! So without further ado let's dive into my tantalizing secret tip...

Green Sweater Topshop Shorts Faith in Style 6.jpg

The secret begins with a story. A story centered around a simple green sweater. Now this wasn't a traditional sweater, but rather a sweater cut to a shape before its time. A sweater too modern to be worn until several years later.

If you've guessed this story is about the sweater I'm wearing in this look, you are of course, correct. I picked up this knitted sweater in one of the many nondescript underground fashion shops in Seoul, South Korea when I lived there three years ago.

Green Sweater Topshop Shorts Faith in Style 2.jpg

Immediately I was drawn to it's baggy shape and high side slits. Upon taking it home I realized I had fairly little to wear it with; at the time high-waisted shorts and pants were not in vogue or in abundance. More importantly, it was the middle of winter and you don't bare skin in a Korean winter. You'll die, no joke!

And so after a few wears this dainty little sweater sat in my closet as the snowy winter melted into spring, and the short lived spring sprang into a smoldering hot summer. Lost amongst my things it stayed until I remembered its existence until just a mere few weeks ago.

Green Sweater Topshop Shorts Faith in Style 1.jpg

During a major purge of my room I noticed this sweater tucked between a few other random sweaters I probably should have parted with years ago. This one was different; I had uncovered a gem. Instantly I fell back in love with its quirky shape, and silently smiled at the memories it contained within its soft knitting.

And then it hit me, why had I never "shopped my own closet like this before?"

Everyday I slide open my closet door and shift my head from side to side, peering at the seemingly endless line of shirts, dresses, pants, sweaters, etc. More often than not, picking up and putting on something I love and wear on a regular basis. Completely unaware of all the hidden and long lost treasures buried deep in the back or smashed between my collection of crop tops. 

Green Sweater Topshop Shorts Faith in Style 3.jpg

The irony of the whole situation makes me giggle. Ironies often have such affect on me.

During my attempt to become more minimalistic and shed the excess in my life, I actually realized that by shopping what I already own I'm essentially accomplishing the same thing. In other words, I'm not being so wasteful because I won't be shopping for more of what I already own.

Of course, if you have a sweater or a pair of pants that have been sitting in your closet for 5 years then by all means sell that baby or donate to charity because if you haven't worn it by now, you'll never slip it back on.

Green Sweater Topshop Shorts Faith in Style 4.jpg

I challenge you to take a trip down memory lane and see your closet from a different perspective. Analyze pieces that have been sitting there for quite some time.

Are they hidden gems or better off in the trash bin?

Shopping your closet this way is the simplest way to achieve more minimalism, less waste, less consumption, and more happiness. Lamenting over what to wear in sea of clothes is downright the worst, and a major life suck. Trust me, I've been there too!

Hopefully this teeny little trick I've learned will aid your fashion game and closet goals. 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this trick and if you're going to give it a try!

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xoxo Elyse