New Year's Thoughts + A Quintessential Casual Combo

Happy New Year! 2017 is finally here and I must say the air in this new year seems far fresher, clearer, and teems with enthusiasm for what's to come. Can you feel it too?

Personally, last year was this weird mish-mash of loss, growth, and triumph. In many ways it felt like a period in my life where I just needed to lay important and necessary groundwork in preparation for the path I’m currently forging.

I won’t bore you with the nostalgic blow by blow, but I’d love to share a few important lessons I learned that I intend to hold close to my heart in this year’s fresh start.

rebecca minkoff bag_Faith in Style 7.jpg

First, I want to live by a simple rule when approaching new relationships, experiences, or even material possessions. It will have to pass the “does this add value to my life?” test. If it doesn’t pass, then quite frankly, it won’t exist in my little world.

Sometimes when I’m sitting in my thoughts I wince at the dates I went on because I thought, “This is what I’m suppose to be doing while I’m young,” or all the erroneous “things” I’ve bought because I expected them to fill a need that objects just can’t.

Surrounding myself with authentic people of real value, embarking on comfort zone bending experiences, and living simply are what I’m finding to be my intrinsic value-adds.

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My visceral reactions, like wincing at foolish decisions, lead me to my next lesson: Extend yourself grace. Gosh, this is a really reaaally hard one for me. I’m my own harshest critic, and rarely give myself the level of grace and understanding I bestow upon others.

I’ve realized and have had to own up to the fact that I’m human, and perfection isn’t realistic. If anything, being imperfect keeps life a tad more interesting. Remember to give yourself grace as well, we all need it.

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Lastly, I’ve learned I need to be better at finding joy in the little things. For some it will be hard and some easy to understand the feeling I’ve experienced of late. It’s as if a very specific life force had been sucked from my being, leaving me with a feeling of just floating. Occasionally I’d bump into something to restore the missing force, and as quickly as it came it would disappear.

Over the last year or so I’ve experienced this type of deep sensation for the first time, and it’s been hard to shake. 

It’s ingrained in my personality to want for change, discover someplace new, achieve at higher levels, and strengthen my capabilities. However, this insatiable urge for “that new new” all the time left me with the floating feeling I described, and an inability to extract the same high or joy from things that used to feed my soul.

This sensation will no longer have wings in 2017. Sorry Modest Mouse, I will not Float On.

In this new year I desire to find joy when all seems bleak; recognize the beauty of a surviving wild flower in a sea of encroaching weeds. Even the littlest victories will be met with exuberant celebrations. Joy will seep into every nook.

Imagine how beautiful life will be when it’s filled with value, grace, and joy!

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These three learned lessons revived my creative juices and led me to an exciting resolution for the future of this little blog that has honestly been way fluffier than I ever intended. Sure outfit posts are cool, but I want to bring you, my reader, truly actionable and fun content that adds VALUE to your life.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be unveiling several new elements to Faith in Style, making it a more authentic space, which I hope you will love! I can’t wait for you to share in the joy it will bring! I know I’m reveling in the excitement (see I really have learned a thing or two).

rebecca minkoff bag_Faith in Style 10.jpg
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Now a quick rundown on this super casual combo! Jeans, tee, leather jacket, flats, and standout bag will always be quintessentially chic and an easy look to pull off. Really, everyone can do it! 

I was amazed at the response this garnered on Instagram. In fact, I found it humorous that the look I put the least amount of effort into was a look people loved the best. Who would have guessed? 

Now just because a couple hundred people like something doesn't mean I'll be solely rocking the minimalist style, I mean I am me, and me loves wearing all different types of styles!

So next time you have the "What do I wear?" panic. Let this casual combo be your guide to a perfectly assembled ensemble.

rebecca minkoff bag_Faith in Style 4.jpg
rebecca minkoff bag_Faith in Style 6.jpg
rebecca minkoff bag_Faith in Style 9.jpg
rebecca minkoff bag_Faith in Style 1.jpg

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xoxo Elyse