Rocksbox: Your Jewelry Dream Team

Happy Easter weekend! Hope you all will be spending some quality time with loved ones! I'll be over at my parents' house, chilling out with our little family, and enjoying a delicious lamb dinner. Part of (ok, all of) me still wishes I was young enough to participate in an egg hunt. I mean, who doesn't love hunting for those colorful plastic eggs full of chocolate and money?! Looks like I'll have to wait until my brother has children or I do... guess that will be a million years from now haha.

So I wanted to let you guys know about this awesome jewelry subscription service called Rocksbox! And for real, it rocks! (let me have my cheesy moment) 

During the sign-up process you fill out a survey that asks you basic questions about your personal style, and you can add different pieces to your wishlist. This way your box is fully curated and tailored to your personal style! 

Let's say you wear a few pieces to death in the first week. Guilty of that! Then all you do is package up that item and return it for free, and within the next week or so you'll receive another jewelry piece in its place! It's a sure-fired way to constantly be changing your accessories without breaking the bank. I'm always all about that!

Best part is that Rocksbox is offering 1 MONTH for FREE to try it out! Just use code FAITHINSTYLEXOXO! Enjoy your month for free and all the gorgeous pieces headed your way! If you really love your items be sure to share on social media and tag @rocksbox and @faith_instyle. :)

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Jenny Bird Earrings  |  SLATE Necklace  |  Trina Turk Bracelet

Subscription Courtesy of Rocksbox

xoxo Elyse