Travel Style: Yellow Zara Jacket Part I

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! Hope you're enjoying a nice holiday and taking advantage of the last days of summer!

I on the other hand, am over here STRESSING to the max! Feeling the pressure of all the work I need to accomplish in the next few days. But don't feel too bad for me, admittedly, it's self-induced. It's stress over some pretty amazing trips happening over the course of September.

First up, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK BABY! My heart leaps and my pulse races every time I think about me (yes moi) in New York, attending shows, parties, and experiencing all the city has to offer.

Best yet, I'm attending with my girl Diana aka Queen Horsfall, who is the most fashionable person I know and my fellow Co-Founder of IFBKorea, our online fashion magazine we started when we both lived in Seoul. Let's just say we're ready to take NYC by storm, one fabulously dressed step at a time.

And speaking of Diana! Last weekend I visited her up in Monterey and we had the BEST time! She showed me all the coolest spots, the aquarium, Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row, 17 Mile, and the list goes on. Along the way we had quite a number of photo shoots (it's what us bloggers do, ok), and I can't wait to share every single shot with you!

Here's the first round coming to you in two parts. Travel Style Part I, let's do this!

yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 2.jpg

Packing lightly is not a simple task, especially for me. I'm the girl who took two suitcases, a large carry on, and a backpack with me to England for two weeks, granted it was London Fashion Week, but STILL. Hostel life with that much luggage was just plain silly and poor planning.

I learned a lot from that experience, primarily what not to do, and how to be smarter about what I pack. Whether the trip is a quick few days or an extended stay. 

Prior to leaving for Monterey I knew Diana and I would be taking plenty of outfit shots for our respective blogs, Instagrams, etc and so initially I felt inclined to pack my entire wardrobe (just in case). Flashbacks of me struggling up stairs in the London Tube came rushing back, and so I immediately squashed my initial impulse. 

Instead I went for a different approach, and it's what I suggest now any time you want to stylishly dress while traveling without overpacking. It's surprisingly easier than I've always made it out to be!

The trick? It's a deceivingly obvious one.

Pack pieces that you can interchange, mix and match, and pair with each other to create different looks. Why I never applied this simple principle before, I'll probably never understand, but in 2016 I'm finally getting it. So I call it a win! 😉 🙌

yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 3.jpg

My interchangeable item for this look and the forthcoming post, was this bright yellow Zara faux leather stunner. It's a piece in my wardrobe I've been itching to bring out again, and thanks be to Monterey for having cool enough weather for it to be brought back to life.

Nothing is easier and more comfortable to travel in than your classic t-shirt and jeans staples. By adding a stand-out piece, like a yellow moto jacket (or something comparable), takes you from a run-of-the-mill khaki and fanny pack toting tourist, to a chic tourist with some edge.

Check back soon for part II and more travel style advice in my next post! 

yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 10.jpg
yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 7.jpg
zara yellow jacket-black pants-faith in style 1.jpg
yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 8.jpg
yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 4.jpg
yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 5.jpg
yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 9.jpg
yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 11.jpg
yellow zara jacket black pants faith in style 6.jpg

Zara Jacket  |  Brandy Melville T  |  BDG Jeans  |  Sam Edelmen Boots (similar option) via La Loupe Vintage  |  Rebecca Minkoff Bag  |  Ray Ban Sunglasses  |  Choker Necklace via La Loupe Vintage

xoxo Elyse