Trending Now: Statement Ruffles

A few of the BIGGEST trends I spotted across New York Fashion Week, and every other fashion week this year were statement ruffles, off the shoulder, and bell sleeves.

These trends will be huge this fall and into next year, especially when spring rolls around and temps are higher.

Personally, I'm a fan, but to an extent.

Ruffle dress Faith in Style5.jpg

While over-the-top ruffles that jut out and extend from your shoulder and spill over to your knees may work for street style in London, they're not so realistic for the every day.

However, a statement ruffle in moderation can be just plain "fabulous" as Samantha from Sex & the City would say.

Combine a fabulous ruffle with a sensuous off-the-shoulder silhouette and now we're talking my language. Maybe I'm a weirdo for thinking the clavicle when exposed in a certain way can be very sexy. Anyone else with me?? 

I suppose it's the insinuation, the hint of delicate skin that produces the affect. And it's one I'm consistently drawn to. Subtlety is powerful when wielded properly. 

Ruffle dress Faith in Style 6.jpg

Now I've been sucked into the ruffle trend, I'm contemplating all the ways that I can incorporate it into varying looks. Of course, with my own personal spin. Meaning steering it away from the girly nature it typically elicits.

My internal perception of my style tells me I'm far too edgy to keep it relegated to a purely feminine place.

Ruffle dress Faith in Style 11.jpg

So how will you wear the ruffle trend? Let me know in the comments below!! Also, see below for a high and low option of this dress if you're looking to get one for yourself. I highly recommend!

Ruffle dress Faith in Style 7.jpg
Ruffle dress Faith in Style1.jpg
Ruffle dress Faith in Style 8.jpg
Ruffle dress Faith in Style3.jpg
Ruffle dress Faith in Style 10.jpg
Ruffle dress Faith in Style 9.jpg

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xoxo Elyse